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PPL to VFR CPL Calculator

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Are you a PPL working towards your VFR CPL?

Would you like a FREE CALCULATOR to help you work out the exact hours you need of each type to be ready for your CPL skills test with the exact right 200 hours proudly presented in your logbook?

If so, you have found the right place!

The calculator below is for the requirements of a South African VFR CPL. If you are not South African, but want a calculator for your country's specific requirements, then lets sort one out for you:

Enter your hours in the calculator , and you will be shown exactly how many

  • PIC,

  • X/C (Cross Country),

  • Instrument,

  • Night and

  • Complex (aircraft with Variable Pitch and Retractable Undercarriage),

hours you need to finish with the magic number 200.

TIP1 : You don't have to click the + sign to enter your number. You can highlight it with your mouse and use the keypad.

TIP 2: The calculator scrolls.

Bookmark this page to re-visit it as you build your hours to stay on top of your planning.

NOTES re the VFR CPL requirements:

  • You must have a Night Rating to get your CPL.

  • You must do at least 1 X NIGHT CROSS COUNTRY for your Night Rating. Your DUAL cross country counts for this. This Cross Country flight must be at least 3 legs, with a minimum distance of 50 nm per leg.

  • Your X/C (Cross Country flights) must include ONE FLIGHT not less than 300nm with full stop landings at 2 or more aerodromes away from your base.

  • You must fly a minimum of 5 hours in the Complex aircraft that you will be testing in.

When I did my hours for CPL, no one told me to HAVE FUN with the PIC hours when I was hour-building! You have to pay for these hours anyway, so why not have some adventures? Yes it's a bit scary to venture off the beaten track, but you will find it is more fun than anything else. Join something like the KZN Passport Program if you don't know where to go. You can even win some awesome prizes for flying you have to do anyway.

If you are doing a VFR CPL, you probably want to be a Crop Sprayer, or do some other flying that is visual conditions only. If you want to do Charter or Airline flying, then you will definitely need an INSTRUMENT rating.

You have to do 20 hours of Instrument training for your VFR Com. Why? Because a Night Rating is a requirement for the CPL in South Africa, and the Night Rating required 20 Instrument Training hours.

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