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Restricted Radio Course --->              ONLINE

Want to do your South African Restricted Radio Course ONLINE?

  • The Course is MULTIMEDIA with voice-over, easy to understand in an entertaining format.

  • re-cap as often as you need to.

  •  you have direct contact with the Instructor.

  • Accessible on your PC or on your phone, so you can learn on the go.

  • On completing this online course you get a certificate, proving you completed the course successfully.

  • Then you write the Theory Exam at an approved Flight School. 

  • Next you contact a Radio DE for the Verbal Exam. You can do the                                       with Telani, but it must be in-person, for an additional fee. Telani is based in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. Click this Verbal Exam page to book an appointment with Telani.


If you do only the Course with Telani, she will email you the CAA form with this section completed. You will still have to have the Verbal portion completed with the Radio DE of your choice.  If you do both the Online Course and Oral with Telani, she will send you the completed SACAA form that you then submit to the SACAA once you have done your flight test. 


We recommend you submit your forms personally, so that you are in control of your document submissions, and have proof of your submissions. Get help from your Flight School for this. Licensing documents must be emailed to   

It is important to note you will only get a mention in your License that you hold a Restricted Radio License.  That's it.  No other notifications, no cute little credit card, no other acknowledgement.  Just the personal comfort that you know what is going on in South African Airspace, and that you know how to keep yourself informed and on form on the air. 

Done this Online Restricted Radio Course? Please tell us what you thought of it.


Great Reads by Jim Davis

Recommended Reading

Jim Davis started 43 Air School back when it was some empty buildings and a grass strip.  He writes for flying magazines and is often asked for his analysis on Aircraft accidents.  Jim is not only a dear friend, but also has a delightful sense of humour and boy oh boy can the man spin a tail!  He has had me in tears of laughter for some of his stories, mouth agape for others. I have enjoyed every word.


Whether you read his training books or his true stories about his experiences, you will find his books difficult to put down.

Click the links below to buy his books, or just sample them and decide later.  You will be glad you did. 

The engine is the heart of an airplane, 

but the pilot is it's soul.

- Walter Raleigh

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