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PPL  Flight Test


Source information: SACAA website


There are two names for a PPL Flight Test.  (1) Skills Test and (2) Competency Check.  Your initial test is called a "Skills Test"and consists of all three sections listed below.  You do this test only ONCE unless your PPL License lapses for more than 5 years, in which case you will re-write Airlaw, get up to a competent level of flying skills again and re-do the initial skills test.

Every time you do a flight test renewal, it is called a Competency Check and consists of points 1 & 2 below.

1. The Oral examination &
2. The Practical Flight Test.

3. Navigation (Initial Flight Test only)

You must pass the Oral Exam before you are allowed to fly. This is to test that you are up to standard on your aviation knowledge.

Click link 1 above to open a .pdf document from the CAA covering the bank of recommended questions the SACAA suggests flight instructors use when conducting the oral portion of your flight test.

Click link 2 above to open the .pdf document CA 61-03.4 which is the skills test you are expected to perform. This form details what is expected of you in the initial PPL flight test, and for your flight test renewals, or "competency check"s, as the CAA puts it.The practical flight test will assess your basic handling and situational awareness. The test is intended to make sure you keep your flying at a high standard, and is not designed to "trip you up".

This page will at some future date, (in the not too distant future),lead you through your test preparation , covering all the questions and answers, as well as taking you through the elements of the actual flight test in a live, easy to watch, briefing format.

You will learn in an entertaining and enjoyable fashion.

In the mean time, I can highly recommend Jim Davis' little book all about passing

your Flight Test with flying colours. It is now available electronically through

Amazon, (click the pic on the right to get there).


The aim is that the flight instructor testing you will be impressed by your aviation

knowledge, and your preparation. (Which, properly done, can otherwise take days).



PPL Renewal

Maintaining your Competency

Expired PPL

What to do to renew your license


Keeping current to carry passengers

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