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- online restricted radio course for South African student pilots -

Why ONLINE?  Because small Flight Schools have a personalised flight training program with a flexible Student intake policy.  You start when YOU are ready, and move at the pace that YOUR life and circumstances allow.  You are not lost in a mass intake of students, (as so often  happens in a Flight Training Academy). This makes lining up with a Restricted Radio Course just when you need it a bit tricky.


The BEST time to complete your Restricted Radio Course is when you have done one or two Circuit Sessions. To make this possible, Radio Designated Examiner Telani Lithgow worked on this Course from 2012 to 2020 to make it possible for EVERY Flight Student to benefit from the convenience of an on-demand Course. Coupled with her passion for the Subject, there is only one likely outcome... you will truly UNDERSTAND Radio, so the Online CAA Exam will be a simple formality. 

Radio Whizz


per month

SA Online Restricted Radio Course Videos for NPL, PPL & RPL


Perfect for those who want to brush-up their  understanding of the Flight Navigation Environment, or those who have completed the Restricted Radio Online Course and want continued access to the material.

This does NOT replace the course as it cannot be monitored.  It is a resource for YOU.


- Restricted Radio Refresher - 

Access to all the videos in the Online Course

- How to complete Flight Plans - 

- Understanding Airspaces -

- How ATC works - 

and  much, much more


- the briefings you receive from your flight instructor before a new practical exercise -

When you learn to fly, your Flight Instructor will brief you on the principles involved for the flight lesson you are about to enjoy.  (S)he will entertain you with explanations of what will be happening with all the flight controls, remind you about laws of physics, and maybe even tell your stories of how others have messed up the exercise, paid the price, and  guide you in how to avoid doing silly things.

There are 18 lessons in all.  Some will be put together, some done on their own, each Flight School has slight variations on how they structure their lesson flow. 

Right now my briefings are a work in progress.  Only a few are complete (quality takes time - it's all in my head and doesn't magically fall into the computer.  I wish it could!). I am working on it, please be patient.  So far, ex 12&13 is complete, and ex 4 is partially complete, and ex 1 & 2 are available on Amazon.

You will learn more if you arrive prepared for your lesson. 


Click here for a Map of the Flight Exercises


Great Reads by Jim Davis


Jim Davis started 43 Air School back when it was some empty buildings and a grass strip.  He writes for flying magazines and is often asked for his analysis on Aircraft accidents.  Jim is not only a dear friend, but also has a delightful sense of humour and boy oh boy can the man spin a tail!  He has had me in tears of laughter for some of his stories, mouth agape for others. I have enjoyed every word.


Whether you read his training books or his true stories about his experiences, you will find his books difficult to put down.

Click the links below to buy his books, or just sample them and decide later.  You will be glad you did. 

PPL                               Flight Tests           So Others May Live          Flying in Africa V1          Flying in Africa V2

The engine is the heart of an airplane, 

but the pilot is it's soul.

- Walter Raleigh