Annual PPL Renewal Steps

Follow this list:

  • 1. Print and complete this clickable Annual Submission for Maintenance of Pilot License Validity Form. (It will open in a new tab in your browser).



  • 2. Make a certified copy of your logbook summary for the last 12 months or send the last three pages of your logbook, (I think it safer to do both), and include any conversion endorsements you’ve done in the last 12 months.



  • 3. Pay the prescribed PPL renewal fee  – bank details are on the clickable form above. (It is best to do an EFT with your license number as their reference and send the printed proof with your other documents).



  • 4. Check that your Medical is valid. If not, renew your medical. Remember if you have the small white and yellow Medical, the yellow copy goes to CAA, or used to... until Covid changed this. The white copy must be kept in your Pilot License booklet.  If you have the A4 sized medical, fold it up and keep it in your PPL Booklet.



  • 5. Check that your English Proficiency is valid.


    No mistakes in your documents please.

    It is vital, as with all CAA documents that there are no errors or omissions in the document. Tip-ex is also a no-no. Honest mistakes are not tolerated and will not be corrected. Make sure that your document is perfect before sending it.


    Submission of documents.

    Since Covid, instead of having to courier all your documents via Aviation Assist, (unlike CAA, they answer their phones reliably, and act on your behalf),  you can now email your documents directly to the CAA, (tip, ask Aviation Assist to collect them for you). This is what you will email to aircrewapplications@caa.co.za :

  • Proof of Payment

  • CA 61-01.16 - Annual submission for maint  pilot licence validity

  • 12 month summary of your logbook & any new endorsements (certified)

  • Copy of your medical (small copy, certified, large copy, just a scan)

You can send this in up to 90 days in advance.  I strongly recommend you do, as it has been taking longer than ever for the SACAA to process license documents (fastest of late has been a month).

Make sure your logbook summary is 12 months, even if it includes hours before your most recent Competency Check.

  • NB: Make sure you sign your newly re-validated license, when you receive it! If you don't, it is not considered valid.

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