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Do you need Matric to become a Pilot?

The short answer is no, you do not need a Matric Certificate to learn to fly, even as a Career, but you may encounter some situations where it is necessary.

The level of mathematics you need to understand is algebra and trigonometry. Other than that it is mostly equations and addition and subtraction.

You need a good understanding of English.

All the subjects you need to learn are part of the flight training course, and every flight school will sell you the books you need, and usually offer ground training too. Having some prior knowledge is very helpful, but not essential.

You do need a matric to become a pilot, with maths core (or higher grade maths), and physics, if you want to get a loan, or qualify for a scholarship, bursary, or cadet program, in most instances. This is because the people planning on funding you need some assurance you are up to the task. They then also usually want a high level of maths and physics as part of your grades.

Your Flight Instructor will not teach you Maths or English. It is expected that you know how to do this when you start flying.


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