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Is the ONLINE Restricted Radio Course enough to pass your exam?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

YES. At least the one offered on this website is. That's the whole point.

If you are training in a small to medium size Flight School, then it is unlikely there will be a Restricted Radio Course running exactly when you should be doing yours.

The best time to do the Radio Course is when you start with your Circuit Training. The Restricted Radio Course, completed at this vital point in your training, will give you the context you need, at just the right time, for the rest of your flight training sorties.

The Restricted Radio Course is a compulsory element prescribed by the SACAA. Although you can buy one of the Radio Books, self study, and write the CAA online exam, this will not get you the license you need. You have to do the Course, AND the Exam AND the Oral.

If you are training for the following, you must do a Restricted Radio Course before your Flight Test:

  • PPL (A / H)r

  • NPL - Glider / Weight Shift / LSA

  • Drone

  • Balloon

How it works:

  • This Course will cost you R850, and is the same two day Radio Course previously presented by Radio Designated Examiner, Telani Lithgow, in the classroom. It is better in so far as you can re-visit any of the lessons you have completed, as often as you need to, which is an obvious advantage over classroom training.

  • The Radio Course consists of 7 hours of animated video. Documents and an assignment add about 5 more hours to the course. The Course is designed to be completed in a specific order as the lessons build on each other.

  • The flight plan assignments must be completed and submitted to continue the course. Telani will mark your assignment personally and give you feedback.

  • You will be issued a Certificate when you have completed the course and passed the Mock Exam with 80% or more.

  • Armed with your Certificate, you are now ready to write the SACAA online exam at your Flight Training School. (Separate fee - billed by your Flight School).

  • Once you have passed the SACAA online exam, Telani can complete your ORAL too. This costs R400, and will be done over Zoom or in person. Just arrange a time with her through the messaging on this site or on . If you prefer, you can meet with your local Radio DE to complete the ORAL portion of the Restricted Radio Course, for which you will be charged a fee by your DE, and (s)he will complete Certificate B on SACAA Form Number: CA 61-01.0c (The Radio DE knows what to do).

  • There is a list of Radio DE’s in your Restricted Radio Course file section, or contact , or get a referral at your Flight School.

  • Contact or leave a message in the course communication section if you have any questions about anything while you are taking the course.

Some students complete the online training in two days, others choose to take longer. You have the Course available for ONE month. Try to do it sooner than 1 month.

Here’s the direct link to begin your course:

Why are we excited?

When Telani first became a Radio DE (Designated Examiner), her students were mostly business men. Lining up two consecutive days that all her students could attend the classroom course simultaneously was a logistical nightmare. It is not viable for a DE to run the Restricted Radio Course for individuals.

This ONLINE Restricted Radio Course was designed for your convenience, to be available ON DEMAND, exactly when you need it.

Who is Telani?

Telani Lithgow is the Chief Flight Instructor at Pietermaritzburg Aero Club, and a Restricted Radio Designated Examiner. She has been Instructing since 2002.

As a Commercial Pilot, she chose to become a career Flight Instructor rather than follow the usual Airline route, simply because her passion is ab initio flight training, (which means turning earth dwellers to airborne aviators), and the Restricted Radio Course, (which is all about the flying environment).

She loves teaching people to fly with confidence and understanding. She believed a solid foundation is vital. Her students are her pride and joy. Many students have become friends. She LOVEs her job!


Although this Online Course is enough on its own to understand and pass the Radio License, we highly recommend you buy Dietlend Lempp's The Pilot's Radio Handbook to keep as a reference in your flight bag. You can buy this directly from her, and it is also sold by most flight schools.

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