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Welcome to

I LOVE teaching people to FLY! I have been doing so since 2002.  I  started flying in 1996. 

Still LOVE it.

Flying is a CALLING, a PASSION. It can also be deadly if you do it wrong.  NOT Understanding the LAWS of physics as applied to flight, and breaking them, usually results in death. Breaking the RULES set out by man can get you in a whole heap of trouble, they are designed to be a protective buffer for you and your passengers. Abiding by the LAWS and RULES keep you safe.  I want you safe.  I hope you want that too. So lets ARM you with KNOWLEDGE! 

Our FIRST course (and my personal obsession) is the Restricted Radio Course. Is is not just for PPL - it is for ANYONE needing it, including aspiring Balloon, Glider, Drone, and LSA Pilots.

Every course on offer is strictly according to the South African Civil Aviation prescribed curriculum and syllabus.

I hope you enjoy taking the Restricted Radio Course as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  I sincerely hope you learn EVERYTHING and internalise it.  Radio is a LIVING subject.  This course teaches you not only the basics that you need to know, but also how to keep yourself informed.

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