Restricted Radio Online Course

Want to do your South African Restricted Radio Course ONLINE?

  • The Course is MULTIMEDIA with voice-over, easy to understand in an entertaining format.

  • re-cap as often as you need to - one month access.

  •  you will have direct contact with the CAA Approved Radio Designated Examiner.

  • Accessible on your PC or on your phone, so you can learn on the go.

​Why ONLINE?  Because small Flight Schools have a personalised flight training program with a flexible Student intake policy.  You start when YOU are ready, and move at the pace that YOUR life and circumstances allow.  You are not lost in a mass intake of students, (as so often  happens in a Flight Training Academy). This makes lining up with a Restricted Radio Course just when you need it a bit tricky.


The BEST time to complete your Restricted Radio Course is when you have done one or two Circuit Sessions. To make this possible, Radio Designated Examiner Telani Lithgow worked on this Course from 2012 to 2020 to make it possible for EVERY Flight Student to benefit from the convenience of an on-demand Course. Coupled with her passion for the Subject, there is only one likely outcome... you will truly UNDERSTAND Radio, so the Online CAA Exam will be a simple formality. 

Knowledge is Power

(plus you have to do a Radio Course course to fly PPL, Drones, LSA anyway... - might as well do it on your own terms) 

Go BIG, or go HOME

- The Student Pilot  -

Feel free to sign up for stories, tips, and lessons about flight training, valuable both as a student and a qualified pilot.  We will also let you know about upcoming flying events in our event section.

How many mistakes can a pilot make and live to tell the tale?

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