Flight Exercises Map

This page is a work in progress.  There are not links to ALL the lessons yet.  I am working on it, please be patient.  So far, ex 12&13 is complete, and ex 4 is partially complete, and ex 1 & 2 are available on Amazon.


When you learn to fly, your Flight Instructor will brief you on the principles involved in each Flight Lesson, and explain what you will be doing in your actual flight. 

There are 18 lessons in all.  Some will be put together, some done on their own, each Flight School has slight variations on how they structure their lesson flow.

Click the block with the flight exercise you want to know more about in the picture on this page.  This covers the theory for each practical flight lesson, and is important to understand.

Practice Makes Perfect - Mistakes Help You Learn

- The Student Pilot  -

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How many mistakes can a pilot make and live to tell the tale?

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